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Welcome to Duraklar

Journalist, writer Remzi Gökdağ‘s fourth book Duraklar took its place on the shelfs. The book, published by E Publications, offers colorful impressions of journeys to different cities of the world. If you like to travel and discover new places, you will enjoy reading the book.

The author compiled his travel notes which were published on newspapers and magazines. He follows the traces of historical figures and invites the reader to journeys between reality and dream. Every story in this book blends with culture, politics and travel passion.

The book takes readers roaming Charles Bukowski’s Los Angeles, Marlene Dietrich’s Berlin, Oppenheimer’s Los Alamos, Hemingway’s Pamplona, streets of Prague and follows in the footsteps of Mark Twain, Rembrandt, Albert Einstein, Jack Kerouac, and many more.

Remzi Gökdağ

Remzi Gökdağ, the writer of the Sevgili İstanbul (Dear Istanbul), now visits different cities of the world, talks with towns, hears the shadows he meets in the streets and opens the doors of his imagination. Traveling between reality and dream takes the reader to different places.

From the fascinating slopes of the Alps to the vast deserts of the Wild West, from the crowded sidewalks of Paris to the narrow streets of Palermo, twenty stories in the book tell also the past of twenty cities. Some sad, some cheerful stories blend culture, politics and history with passion for travel.

Whether you are a fan of traveling, literature or history, Duraklar will satisfy your wanderlust and your thirst for knowledge with descriptions and biographical information about Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Geronimo, Frank Gehry and other great personalities.

Instead of talking solely of a bland and boring Zurich’s train station, Duraklar describes the location in a unique context that reveals Lenin‘s journey that changed the world. In a walking tour to trace Marlene Dietrich’s route through Berlin, the author tells interesting tale about her life and the city where she was born. From the “dangerous, dirty and seductive” streets of Palermo to the streets of San Francisco to see some Jack Kerouac‘s landmarks, Duraklar takes a fresh approach to travel. The selected famous names are an eclectic mix from America and Europe.

Twenty short and well-presented stories give a different perspective on the location as well as the person who had lived there. While offering an alternative to travel through written accounts of cities abroad, Duraklar definitely inspires readers to explore the world.

You will discover a variety of different lands and their histories; take a journey through the writers, artists, photographers and so many others.

Imagination is the first rule of discovery

“I was impressed by the books I read and the places I visited so far. Now, I returned with a book from my journeys. I followed the shadows and listened to their stories by traveling between reality and dream in different places. Each name I came across has opened the door of a different world and I went in without any hesitation.

Imagination is the first rule of discovery, and then comes the curiosity. I knew that I needed to get along with these two on my trips, so I opted out of tourist routes and got lost. I often traveled without knowing where I was going. I always believe in mysterious coincidences. I tried to fade in the magical air of the journeys and shared their secrets.

Although our resources are limited, our dreams are endless. We can create our own mysterious cities. We can decorate the spaces that seem ordinary with the stories of those who lived there. When we achieve this, we can hear the whispers of the shadows. At every step we take, we can come across forgotten traces of the past.”

Remzi Gokdag talks about his book

The stories are inspirational and make you want to go to that place. Reading the book was enjoyable experience that the author made me feel like I was in the place that he was describing. I suppose the only drawback to most of the essays is that, like most travel articles, not much is included about each place.


Enjoyable experience
It was a very well put together collection, and each story is very fascinating and took me to another place where I could really imagine the life there and see why those famous writers let their imaginations take them away.


Very fascinating
I highly recommend it to others as a fun guide to traveling the world or as a good read while relaxing on your favorite beach!

Traveling the world

This book gives you insight to the locational muses of some of the world's famous writers. Great information about many different people and their lives and works. Each story is short enough and very well presented. I enjoyed reading all...

People and their lives

Great information

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