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Başka Şehirler

A Journey On The Edge Of Dream And Reality

Başka Şehirler (Other Cities) offers colorful impressions of 20 names from 20 different places. Twenty stories explore the connections between past and today. Real events and people blends with culture, politics and history. The author follows the traces of historical figures and invites you to the journeys between reality and dream.

The book is a collection of stories that explores how a person’s physical path affects the city. Some places are as closely associated with a person as to be inseparable. Say “Rembrandt” and you immediately think of Amsterdam. How a city would has changed if Hemingway never lived in Pamplona?


Filled with engaging and colorful details, Başka Şehirler helps you travel through time to witness some of the most extraordinary and colorful events in world history. From the fascinating slopes of the European Alps to the vast deserts of Arizona, from the crowded sidewalks of Paris to the narrow streets of Palermo, twenty stories in the book tell also brief history of twenty cities. Some sad, some cheerful stories blend with cultures, politics and passion for travel. MORE…


Başka Şehirler inspires readers to follow in their favorite characters footsteps by visiting the real-life locations including Charles Bukowski’s Los Angeles, Marlene Dietrich’s Berlin, Oppenheimer’s Los Alamos, Hemingway’s Pamplona, streets of Prague, Los Angeles, Bern and others. MORE…

Başka Şehirler


Remzi Gokdag could be described in many ways, but perhaps most efficient words are wanderer and wonderer: across territories, eras, peoples and cultural boundaries. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Before traveling the world, he was award-winning journalist. His journeys started when he started to work as a foreign correspondent across the Europe, US and Middle East in the 1990s. The experience has undoubtedly changed him. He is the author of four books. After living in Moscow, Los Angeles and Zurich he moved to Dubai, UAE and currently lives there. He may be there now but always in search for going sowehere else… MORE


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