Remzi Gokdag could be described in many ways, but perhaps most efficient words are wanderer and wonderer: across territories, eras, peoples and cultural boundaries. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey.

Before traveling the world, he was award-winning journalist. His journeys started when he started to work as a foreign correspondent in the 1990s.

The experience has undoubtedly changed him. After living in Moscow, Los Angeles and Zurich he moved to Dubai, UAE and currently lives there. He may be there now but always in search for going sowehere else…

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He is a former journalist who has covered news in Turkey also reported from the USA, Russia and Switzerland since 1989. He received the The Progressive Journalists Association and The Turkish Journalists Society’s Journalism Award. He now works as a writer, editor, publisher, content creator and geocultural explorer.

“Life is so interesting I’d like to stick around to see what happens now, how it all turns out later.”

1989 | After graduation with a degree in Journalism from Istanbul University he began his journalism career at Cumhuriyet in 1989, specialized of Istanbul also covered national and feature news.

1993 | Received the The Progressive Journalists Association (ÇGD) and The Turkish Journalists’ Society‘s (TGC) Cetin Emec Journalism Award in 1993.

1996 | Moved to Los Angeles for studying web design and development also practiced for broadcast, print and online media to create new platforms for digital journalism.

1998 | Worked as a reporter for Turkish and International news agencies in Moscow. Living abroad changed the course of his life and he began freelancing for the news industry.

1999 | He returned to the Riverside, CA.

2000-2007 | His weekly journals about daily life in the US have been published on national newspapers and magazines in Turkey.

2008 | Everything has its time and his time in the US come to the end in 2008.

2009 | Moved to Switzerland. He created several online publishing platforms during his time in Zurich. His weekly journals published at Cumhuriyet from 2009 to 2013.

2013 | Returned to Istanbul in 2013.

2018 | Moved to Dubai, UAE. Since then he’s been working on editorial content of his own projects.


You will remember once again the memorable footprints of these great personalities. You will see sections of your own life in the pages and explore the places you wonder.

These stories can make us travelers instead of tourists. The book is for the avid readers who can travel by simply turning a page. Turn these pages, and they will take you around the world.

“The book is for the avid readers who can travel by simply turning a page.”

“Turn these pages, and they will take you around the world.”

“These stories can make us travelers instead of tourists.”


01. Sevgili İstanbul

April 27, 2016 – A pleasant 20-minute interview with me about Sevgili Istanbul.

02. TRT Kent Radyo

31.03.2016 – We talked about Sevgili Istanbul at TRT Kent Radio Istanbul.

03. Voice of America

20.06.2005 – An interview with Voice of America about USA Turkish Times.



The stories in Başka Şehirler explore distance in all its forms: the emotional spaces and the gaps that emerge between who we were and who we are, the gulf between our private and public selves. More…



2015 – Sevgili Istanbul (Dear Istanbul) compiles twenty memories by well-known notable Istanbul figures of the last century. These may be extraordinary people, but their experiences and emotions are recognizable as our own. They recollect their memories about the city which is lost today. MORE



2001 – The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks had an important impact on news industry. Television coverage of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and their aftermath was the longest uninterrupted news event in the history of U.S. television. Amerikan Medyasında 11 Eylülis a book about how the US news media reacted to 9/11. The major U.S. broadcast and cable networks were on the air for days with uninterrupted coverage from the moment news first came that the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Millions of shocked television viewers watching live pictures of the World Trade Center saw the second plane hit and both buildings come down. Remzi Gokdag summarized reaction of various networks, mainstream news outlets and internet news websites in the events of 9/11. MORE



1992 – Park Otel Olayi tells a timeline story about a huge construction building which had raised in the middle of Istanbul without legal approval and then stopped by people who wanted to protect their historic city’s environment. MORE



“I’m a visual man, I watch and understand things through my eyes.”

“I think writing has the power to change the world. I love connecting people to places through stories. In the world we are living into, internationalism and diversity count, and writing can be a political act, as well as a way to make a bridge.

Learning to be flexible is what I’m working on, at the moment. Writing is a business, but not everything I do or make pays me in money — some things pay in social change, or platform building, or a future project collaboration.

I often come back from trips with a notebook full of facts and ideas that will never find their way into an eventual story. It’s challenging to whittle down your experiences on the road to meet the rigid requirements of your brief or the specific angle of your story. There is always that moment when I return from a trip and think: That was great, now what does it all mean? What was my main takeaway from this experience? How can I relay all of these jumbled notes into a cohesive story that not only makes sense, but is interesting to the reader? Once I nail down the crux of the story I need to find the right intro, which is often the toughest part. I’ll typically write two or three options and see which one sticks.”

“I’ve been a traveller for as long as I can remember”

“I first and foremost see myself as someone on the search for knowledge. I used to be a reporter, and I used to get referred to as a journalist sometimes. Since my books, however, people have started calling me a writer. I’m a blogger too, thanks to my internet articles, but I’ve been a traveller for as long as I can remember. The journey started when I was young and would explore beyond the limits of the neighbourhood, and it has continued my whole life – in time taking me across the world. I would always head off in pursuit of what interested me. The cities and cultures I bear witness to broaden my horizons. As a result, the things I learn while travelling are reflected in my writing.”

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